A Reflection of 50 Years of Forest View Pediatrics

This past month, Forest View has celebrated our 50th anniversary.  Past and present employees and physicians, joined together to celebrate the last 50 years and look forward to the next.  Dr. Arthur J. Dorrington took a moment to reflect…

“I am so happy that Doctors John Czajka and Jack Altstadt invited me, in 1975, to join their pediatric practice in Hales Corners, Wisconsin.  What a gift it is to be in pediatrics!  It’s an awesome, and sometimes overwhelming, responsibility!  The relationships made with families (including second and sometimes third generations) make it so worthwhile and such a privilege.  As I reflect on my 35 years at Forest View, I am proud to have been a member of this medical family.

I could write a book on the changes in pediatrics over the last 50 years.  Significant topics would include genetics, costs of medicine, insurance changes and restrictions, cancer cures, child safety improvements, dietary innovations, growth and development, and infectious diseases.    During this time, new diseases have emerged including AIDS, Lyme disease, Legionnaire’s disease, SARS, Kawasaki’s syndrome, and Chronic Fatigue.  I also think about the emergence of resistant staph-infections (MRSA), Swine flu, and the increases in incidences of Autism, ADHD, and childhood obesity with Type 2 Diabetes. 

With increasing pressure on our children to succeed in everything (athletics, academics, and school activities) and with the expanding social medias connecting all of us, the importance of a sound family unit becomes paramount to the health of our children.  There is no substitution for family love, discipline, and strong family values.  We must be role models for our kids.

Increasing emphasis on preventative health and healthy life styles point to a hopeful future for coming generations.  All of Forest View Pediatrics looks forward to being part of your medical homes in the years to come.

Here’s looking to the next 50 years!

Love and Thanks,”

“Dr. D”

Arthur J. Dorrington, M.D.


A Reflection of 50 Years of Forest View Pediatrics — 3 Comments

  1. Just retrieved my emails; sorry this is late. Thank you Forest View Pediatrics for the kind and compassionate care you’ve given our family throughout the years. We miss you Dr.D. Thank you again. Warmly, The Nitz Family

  2. Our first child was born in 1981 and our fourth in 1999 with two more in the middle. It was always reassuring to have Dr. D to look out for the medical needs of the children for over two decades, especially in times of crisis. His combination of wisdom, physician skill and compassion brought us through illnesses and ailments. Office visits were always good experiences for the kids. We were very fortunate to have been among his patients. You are fondly remembered. The Malecki Family

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