Our EPIC Transformation

We all know how much technology has impacted the way we live.  It’s hard to imagine not having our smartphones or Internet access.    We’re pleased to let our patients and families know that, effective June 1st, we will be switching to a new electronic health record (EHR.

The new system, Epic, is designed to give us, and all of the providers across Children’s Hospital, faster access to one medical record for your child.  We expect that the electronic health record will improve communication between providers, and increase safety.  One example of how Epic will improve care is when a patient is referred to a pediatric subspecialist in the Children’s Hospital network, that physician will have the child’s previous office visits, labs, and imaging studies.  Another example of a benefit with the new EHR is the ability to electronically send your prescription to your pharmacy before you even leave the office.

An exciting feature is the future availability of MyChart, which will allow parents secure access to  your child’s EHR. (This should be helpful for all those school forms asking for immunization dates.)

Already we have been updating patients’ medication and allergy information into the new system.  While the physicians have been using EPIC in the hospitals, this will be a new way of caring for patients in our office, so please be understanding that there will be a learning curve as all of us get used to the new system.  Our primary focus, of course, will continue to be providing the best patient care we can  to your children and your family. 

~ Robert Hartmann, MD, Forest View Pediatrics
Robert Hartmann, MD


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The College Search

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The view from Guatemala: We’re all the same

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