New Case of Measles Reported

Measles has returned to Wisconsin. The Wisconsin Division of Public Health has confirmed a second case of measles in Wisconsin in 2014. This individual was a young adult who had recently traveled to California and Mexico.

After his return to Wisconsin he became ill and was eventually diagnosed with measles. But prior to that diagnosis, he walked around potentially spreading the virus.

You may be thinking , So What?

Measles is a very contagious virus that is spread via a cough or sneeze. Those who have measles are very ill and the chance of a serious complication like pneumonia or encephalitis is around 10%. It is most dangerous in those less than 5 years old.

The last time we had a large resurgence of Measles was in 1989-1991 and there were 123 deaths during this outbreak.

This new case is another reminder to keep up on our children’s vaccines. The MMR vaccine, which contains measles, should be given at 12-15 months and again at 4-6 years old. Make sure your kids are up to date on this vaccine and others AND spread the word to parents who currently don’t see the importance of vaccines.

Interested in learning more about the measles virus?  Click here to go to the CDC webpage for up-to-date information.

~ Chris Zukowski, MD, Forest View Pediatrics

Chris Zukowski, MD

Second Confirmed Case of Measles Reported

The City of Milwaukee Health Department has confirmed a second case of measles in the Milwaukee area. Measles is a viral infection that is highly contagious but is preventable with immunization.

This small outbreak is a reminder to ensure that your children have the proper MMR vaccines. The first dose of measles vaccine should be given at 12 months of age. The …Continue reading →